The Forging of The Beast Asylum...

Fantasy dildos. Strange business to be in, right?

It is an idea we had been "toying" (ha!) with for around a year before taking the plunge! Although, the fantasy part came a lot later...

After researching the process of making dildos, we realised that we could potentially make interesting and unique sex toys. Although start up costs were high, we had the space and facilities to enable us to push forward.

So, how could we make ourselves stand out? What did we want to make? This is when we delved into the world of fantasy dildos. We loved the sculptural forms, the colours, the imagination and creativity that went into each dildo.

The Merplug

But, we wanted to be different. Rather than focusing on one creature, we wanted to make a catalogue of creatures and personalities! And we could tailor make them for pleasure, rather than focusing on the human form.

So... where do we begin? From some research we found that sculpting the sex toys from polymer clay would be an easy and simple way to make our fantasy dildos. After we began, we noticed a lot of the big brand dildo companies use 3D printers and CAD software to create their products... and we realised more and more that this isn't for us...

Firstly, we couldn't afford one! And if we commissioned someone with a printer to make our dildos - what would the quality be like? We read a lot of feedback from customers of other dildo companies and saw comments about sandpaper-like uncomfortable textures... This was a big NOPE for us!

Secondly, the CDO (Chief Dildo Officer) has a shit ton of experience in Fine Art, and in particular, sculpture. A Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Sculpture, in fact, and clay being one of the materials that she has used the most. So creating sex toys from clay came naturally, and became one of the most exciting processes we have been involved in!

We sketch, brainstorm and carve well into the night, dreaming up otherworldly designs and feeding our imaginations. Many hours and lots of hard work is poured into each dildo! It isn't easy! But we love the honesty and hands-on approach to making our dildos. Every part of the process is done by hand, by us, which means we can ensure that each fantasy dildo meets our very high standards!

It's safe to say, fantasy dildos has become the biggest passion of ours! - UK Fantasy Dildo Maker

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