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In this section we will try and cover loads of useful information to help you make an informed decision about your toys. We'll cover:

1.   About Us

2.  Custom Extras

  • Suction Cups

  • Colours

  • Pour Effects

  • Glitter

  • UV

3.  What's in the box

4.  Totally discreet packaging

5.  Toy Care

About Us

Making art with a purpose! 

Handmade with Care

At The Beast Asylum we're really proud to make high quality, handmade, inclusive sex toys. Everything we do is handmade - from sculpting the models from clay with wooden tools, moulding the toys and pouring each dildo with a unique colour mix. We add pigments to the raw premium platinum cured silicone and pour the colours together by hand making every toy beautifully unique. 

We use the highest quality silicone (Smooth-on Ecoflex) and cosmetic grade Mica powder pigments, combined with the utmost care to ensure you receive a completely body safe toy that looks and feels premium

Our Designer

Our Designer/Creator has over ten years of art training and specialises in sculpture with a Masters Degree in Fine Art Sculpture from the University of the Arts London. Making art with a function and thrilling our customers, alongside a friendly and approachable service, is what we strive for! 

Our Values

A woman led business - The Beast Asylum has several core values at heart. 

- We want the unboxing of our toys to feel like an experience. We add little extras such as squishies and free stickers, ensure the products are hygienically heat sealed in premium bags, and carefully nestle everything in tissue paper to make it feel like you're opening a treat! 

- We operate honestly and transparently. We price our dildos fairly and this is why we rarely run huge sales/discounts. If we make a mistake or there is a misunderstanding, we want to work with our customers as an absolute priority to fix it. 

- At The Beast Asylum, we want to create your dream toy. That's why custom options like firmness, colour choices, UV, glitter, pour effects or suction cups are completely free.

- We are an inclusive business. We don't discriminate and support all underrepresented and minority groups. We don't judge, assume or ask unwanted questions. We're here to offer products and services to you - whoever you may be. 


Concept art

Overlord above, Hydra below

Custom Extras

Did we mention all of our dildo custom extras are free? Well they are! So customise away - knowing the price of the toy is just that - no more, no less. 

This section will hopefully provide the information you need to make custom decisions. But if you're not sure please drop us a message with your questions and we'll be happy to help. 

Suction Cups

Once we pour the custom colours we use a placeholder to create the dildo suction cup during our special curing process. This neat void in the base of the dildo creates a powerful suction cup! This process can create a pocket of air which is easily washable and even adds to the suction! 

We test every suction cup before shipping.


We have 40 colours to choose from! All of our pigments are cosmetic grade mica powders that are body safe. We LOVE the colour combinations our customers request and every toy is a unique, one-of-a-kind combination of colours and silicone pour effects! 

Struggling to choose? You can always go for our surprise me option and we will chose the colours and effect for you! 

Pour Effects

Pouring silcone colour effects is an art form in its own right. We are able to offer 6 pouring effects - when these are combined with our huge colour list we are always surprised by the individual nature of each toy. 

As this is a hand made process, pouring colour silicone into a mould, effects do vary from toy to toy, dependent on the colours chosen, and the picture menu is only a guide to the final outcome. 


Some people don't feel a dildo has reached its full potential unless it looks like it has been dipped in moon dust! If you choose the free glitter option we choose the shade of extra fine glitter to compliment your colour choices.

We're careful to add just the right amount (not too much!) to ensure the glitter is encapsulated and totally body safe. 



Yeah - glow in the dark sex toys are one of life's joys. If you chose our UV option then the toy with be UV reactive and glow in the dark. 

You do have to charge these toys in daylight or under a UV bulb for the full effect. 


The great thing about this option is it only adds, it doesn't detract from the colours or the look of the toy in full light conditions.  

What's in the box? 

We want our customers to be wowed when they open their package from The Beast Asylum. Its actually our favourite part of the process, carefully tucking all the little bits and pieces in to the box to be sent off to their new home!

In the box you will receive: 

  • Your toy(s) hygienically heat sealed and hygiene stickered in a bag. 

  • Squishies 

  • A holographic sticker of our logo

  • A hand painted watercolour of your toy

  • A care sheet

  • A thank you note! 

  • Business card with discount code

All lovingly nestled into a bed of tissue paper.


Totally Discreet Packaging

We use plain, robust brown boxes with an address label. We add no branding to the outside of the box. 

For international shipping we describe your product as an 'Ornament'. 

Its safe to say no one would be able to tell the contents of the package without opening it. Our customers privacy is very important to us. 


Toy Care


All our dildos & toys are made from body safe platinum cure silicone. This means their surfaces are non-porous and will not attract bacteria.

After use wash with toy friendly soap (such as washing up / dish soap)

To thoroughly clean them put them in boiling water for 10 minutes. This may seem scary, but trust us, it cleans the toy impeccably! Do this a few times a month.



Do not store your toys with items of a different material. If silicone encounters jelly or pvc it can warp, discolour, or melt. Store in a cloth bag in a dry location.



Do not use silicone-based lubricants! They will destroy your toy!

Use only water-based lubricant or silicone safe lubricant.

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