Under the Sea Set

This set includes both our Merman and Merplug models for the full underwater experience! 


You can custom design each toy with unique colour choices to create a truly one-of-a-kind set!


Merman (Dildo)


Emerging from the depths and preparing to seize you is our Merman!

A sensational ridged front eminating waves, with bubble indentations carressing the back of this sex toy, results in a feeling like no other! Decorated with seaweed and bubbles across the base.


Inspired by sea urchins, seaweed and waves, our thunder from the deep is amazingly textured to truly thrill you!


Insertable Length: 6 inches

Shaft Circumference: 5.5 inches



We offer two levels of firmness for this toy. Please message us with your firmness request for the dildo in this set.

- Shore 10A - Medium/Firm - This is a firm and rigid density level which will allow most of our toys to stand upright freely. Will bend and flex back to original form quickly.  

- Shore 00-30 - Soft - A soft and pliable density which will compress and bend easily. Some of our larger toys will not stand upright independently.


Made from 100% body safe platinum silicone.




The pictures show our signature marble fade pour. We are also able to make this toy in a traditional marble or fade.

Please choose your colours from the colour chart in the photos! If you have any special requests for this toy please send us a message!


Please note our pigments have a deep shimmer effect.


Merplug (Butt-Plug)


Our Merplug - a butt plug inspired by the sea and featuring scales, ridges and bubbles. It has a shell base, fins on the side and is unique from every angle. 


Insertable Length: 3.25 inches

Bulb Circumference: 4.5 inches (widest)



Shore 10A - medium firmness in this model. 

Made from 100% body safe platinum silicone.



We create this butt plug using a marbling effect combining two colours as shown in the photos.  


Please choose two colours in the options below (colour chart in photos). Our dildos and butt plugs are poured by hand, therefore patterns and effects may vary.


Please note our pigments have a deep shimmer effect.



We offer free delivery in the UK! 

Please see our delivery policy for the cost of international delivery. 


Note: Due to the handmade nature of this item, small surface variations, imperfections and slight asymmetry may occur. Such variations can also include small pigment freckles and small encapsulated bubbles. Colors may not be 100% accurately represented on every screen. 

Under the Sea Set

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Colour 1: Base (dildo)
Colour 2: Shaft (dildo)
Colour 3: Head (dildo)